In Milan, in the heart of the most iconic district of the world capital of design, it is possible to check ZANABONI’s collections in the Via Fatebenefratelli Flagship Store (MM Montenapoleone), a 3-minute walk from the Quadrilatero Della Moda and at the gates of the Brera Design District. The ZANABONI Flagship Store is a location where it is possible to see and breathe the dense interweaving of culture, history, art, and architecture.


In Via Fatebenefratelli, the brand presents itself to the public with its flagship store, an exhibition space where the company exhibits some examples of furnishing configurations. In the flagship store, it is possible to see indoor and outdoor settings enriched with sophisticated decorations that animate a representation with a refined taste for which the company stands out and details in precious materials that further enhance the sentiment of its collections.

In this showroom, ZANABONI exhibits its best sellers combining them with high-end furnishing accessories and works created by the most famous exponents of the contemporary art scene.

The environments created within the flagship store enhance each product by animating it in a refined style representation inspired by the values that have always been the basis of the brand: elegance, refinement, craftsmanship, and unique materials.

The ZANABONI Art & Design Gallery is an elegant and sophisticated Travertine marble “box”, with elements in Ceppo di Gré (elegant local stone), and traditional wooden paneling revisited in a modern way, illuminated by a modern patchwork of images from the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery that highlights the brand identity. It is a precious container of unique proposals and a showcase for the latest news, the flagship store is periodically updated and refurbished with new products, offering eclectic combinations of welcoming and gritty furniture by ZANABONI and works of art by international artists.

The store houses the most glamorous collections and the most prestigious furnishing solutions of the moment for individuals and professionals. It is a multifaceted space designed to convey trust, beauty, and professionalism. The ZANABONI Art & Design Gallery fully represents and celebrates the brand’s values through a precise stylistic choice that is renewed from generation to generation: designing the present, and imagining the future but always with an eye to the long craftsmanship tradition that has marked its history.

The flagship store conveys the multifaceted identity of all the ZANABONI collections which, over the years, have undergone a shift towards current and innovative styles in the world of furniture and interior design.

How to make an appointment

To visit the flagship store it is possible showing up without an appointment during the opening hours. However, to be sure to receive depth advice, it is recommended to call 0362 73280 or send an email to

How to get technical advice

Inside the flagship store, it is possible to get specialist furniture consultancy able to grasp the most complex furnishing needs and identify the best solutions.

The support is offered indiscriminately to private, designers, and the contract world.

Within the flagship store, projects and collections take shape resulting from the collaboration with architects, artists, and designers.

It is possible to see all the company’s catalogs and many examples of complete environments, creations, materials samples, fabrics, and finishes.

After visiting the showroom, it is possible to contact the company and get 360 ° turnkey support in all interior design and decoration activities.