Italian excellence in luxury furnishings

Italian lifestyle ambassador with a furniture selection from a superior Classic Collection to a fluid Modern Style

ZANABONI was born in 1967 in Meda as a company dedicated to the re-edition of classic and contemporary furnishings with an exquisitely neoclassical taste.

Over time the company has established itself as one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury market segment and an ambassador of the “made in Italy” values. ZANABONI collections range from upholstery items to furniture, from lighting to fabrics.

Born from the desire to create fine furnishings, the company stands out for its unique and exclusive style, where the excellence of its artisanal production, inspired by Italian craftsmanship, blends with innovative production technologies and superior internationally recognized designers.

Expertise from modern design to classic furnishings refinement

Unique creations for exclusive interiors where elegance and refinement come together in a timeless Italian style

ZANABONI creations come from a strong identity experience that focuses on the human element and manual processing, the result of masters artisans’ long experience, and a sentimental dimension in which memory plays an important role, recovering traditional shapes and decorations.

Over the past 25 years, the company has also turned its attention to that market sector with a contemporary taste, facing the new challenges posed by the market.

As a result, Contemporary and Modern collections were born to propose a diverse home project that multiplies ZANABONI’s offer assortment, from living room furniture to a wide range of individual products united by the project’s originality but different for use.

A complete furnishing project for a home marked by a strong international influence in which each product quality is a must, all furniture elements have rigorous features, as decorative objects declined in all the variables to express a timeless elegance


Internationally renowned professionals

ZANABONI collaborates with designers popular all over the world including Studio Mamo, Marco Cocco, Giancarlo Tagliabue, Stefano Bettio, Andrea Borgogni and Castello Lagravinese Studio.

This collaboration with famous designers has led ZANABONI to the creation of the new modern brand ZANABONI EDIZIONI, born from the need to combine various styles according to a new point of view, to propose the art of living through furniture and accessories in which design, style, material, original workmanship and tailoring follow new aesthetic codes.



ZANABONI creations come from a strong identity experience that focuses on the human element and manual processing. ZANABONI’s collections come from master’s artisan years of experience and a sentimental dimension in which memory plays an important role, getting to traditional age-old shapes and decorations.

The upholstered items, which have become famous all over the world for their extraordinary construction quality, come to life from the frame still made of solid wood and completed by adopting ancient techniques.

Long and demanding work that only expert hands and ancient gestures can carry out, such as the capitonnè work, one of the keystones of ZANABONI production; processing for which ZANABONI is recognized all over the world.

Walnut, oak, cherry, colors, and scents of nature, wood with its grain, texture, and strength. The furniture processing takes shape from solid wood inlaid and carved by master makers and subsequently decorated by applying the most sophisticated finishing techniques from gilding in gold leaf, to pictorial decoration, up to the plaster relief processing.