Brianza: a long history of excellence with deep roots in the past

This story dates back to the beginning of the Nineteenth century when, in the Brianza’s countryside, wood processing appeared and started to grow, as some families began to produce furniture and accessories for the French noble mansions in order to add an extra introit to the poor agricultural income. After the French occupation, that facilitated commercial and cultural exchange between Paris (that back then was the international capital of furniture) and the Brianza, the most qualified artisans finally abandoned agriculture and devoted themselves to the artistic production of valuable, fine furniture.


Luxury furniture made in Italy exported all over the world

Today ZANABONI, while maintaining its artisan tradition, has managed to make itself known all over the world, being appreciated for a unique style capable of satisfying all tastes from classic to contemporary.

Today, the three collections: MODERN-EDIZIONI, Classic and Contemporary, thanks to a selected network of showrooms and interior designers, have crossed the five continents and have been adopted in different contexts: luxury residential, contract, and exclusive hotels, yachts, and offices institutional.


Research and innovation towards the style evolution

ZANABONI aspires to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated and internationally extended market.

To maintain a unique and recognizable style, which over the years has made quality its main communicative value. ZANABONI intends to surprise by offering exclusive and customizable, innovative, and never predictable models: living rooms, beds and furniture designed for capable homes, combining various styles according to a new point of view, evolving with a changing world, to propose the art of living through furnishings and accessories in which design, style, material, original artisanal work, tailoring draw new aesthetic codes.