W020 is an elegant sideboard that is part of the classic furniture collection. W020 is made with ebony, zinc, copper, and brass inlays.

W020 is inspired by a baroque classicism typical of the court of Versailles, in particular by the works of Auburtin Gaudron, a cabinetmaker who lived between 1670 and 1713 approximately.

W020 is a majestic piece of furniture characterized by the brilliant polychromy of the inlay and enhanced by golden elements in contrast with the ebony background. W020 is the result of research and tradition, the true spirit of high quality classic furniture emerges from its style. W020 is made up with precious materials based on ancient craft techniques handed down over the years from father to son.


cm. 143 x 65 x h.91


Ebony, zinc, copper and brass:

Design by:


Made in Italy

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