UPGRADE is a modern sofa with a simple design that arises from the meeting between innovative production techniques and ancient Italian artisanal tradition. Its design is so versatile that it can respond to every layout need by intercepting multiple taste targets.

UPGRADE is a versatile modern style sofa. Its apparent simplicity becomes true beauty and hides its great manufacturing complexity. UPGRADE is characterized by a multifaceted design that looks to the future, an example designed to last over time and become a new classic.


Sofa 4, seats cm. 298 x 100 x h.82

Sofa 3 seats cm. 238 x 100 x h.82

Sofa 2 seats cm. 178 x 100 x h.82

Armchair cm. 100 x 100 x h.82


Available in all the fabrics and all the leathers of the sample book

Design by:


Made in Italy

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