T/4200 is an elegant dining table from the ZANABONI classic collection. Refined and exclusive, the T/4200 dining table perfectly represents the values of the classic ZANABONI collection, the result of careful research, a harmonious union between present and past, tradition and innovation, to redefine a new domesticity that becomes the interpreter, with a vision of beauty with an original personality. To create a classy environment, the T/4200 table can be combined with the S/4200 chairs, with the P/4200 armchairs, with the T/4200 Lazy Susan revolving top and with the B/4200 display cabinet.

The T/4200 dining table is available in the circular format T/4200-160 and in the rectangular format T/4200-300.

T/4200 is a classic dining table available in a three-metre rectangular shape for fourteen seats, in a round shape for 8 seats with a diameter of 160 cm, and for 7 seats with a diameter of 140 cm. It is a beautiful traditional piece of furniture dressed in combinations of absolute elegance to which the craftsmanship according to the Brianza tradition gives a unique and personal touch.



T/4200-300 – Dining table cm. 300 x 125 x h.79

T/4200-160 – Dining table cm. Ø 160 x h.79

T/4200-140 – Dining table cm. Ø 140 x h.79


Solid Wood

Design by:


Made in Italy

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