The OMETTO line consists of a dining table and coffee tables. Their design features an elegant ultralight clear glass top supported by a solid sculptural base reminiscent of elements of nature. The OMETTO small table is available in two versions: side table Ø cm 55 x h. 52 and coffee table Ø cm 130 x h. 35.

The design of the accessories of the OMETTO line is inspired by nature. Their solid sculptural base is made up of solid Canaletto walnut elements. Interesting is the combination of hard and cold materials, which simulates the stones found in a river with the natural warmth of wood. Balance is achieved with contrast, also represented by the combination of overlapping stones, which become a solid base for a table. The glass top, clear as water, allows to admire the beauty of the sculptural base.


OMETTO – ED/20 273 Side table cm. Ø 55 x h. 52

OMETTO – ED/20 274 Coffee table cm. Ø 130 x h. 35


Ash wood, extralight glass top

Design by:

Marco Cocco

Made in Italy

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