MILLENNIUM is a contemporary-style sofa with an exclusive design embellished by capitonné upholstery and an extremely comfortable seat. The MILLENNIUM sofa is the result of research and tradition, the true spirit of high-quality furniture emerges from its style. MILLENNIUM is finished with precious materials based on ancient craft techniques handed down over the years from father to son

Contemporary style sofa with capitonné upholstery, top quality standard components, solid wood structure and traditional hypoallergenic padding. The MILLENNIUM sofa is an iconic accessory with an exclusive design proudly signed by ZANABONI.  MILLENNIUM is entirely handmade by master craftsmen with decades of experience. It is a beautiful sofa dressed in combinations of absolute elegance to which the craftsmanship according to the Brianza tradition gives a unique and personal touch.


MILLENNIUM special shape 4 seat sofa cm. 320x163x83 h.

MILLENNIUM Modular 3 Seat sofa – 1 arm right or left cm. 200x94x83 h.

Sofa with 1 arm right or left cm. 145x94x83 h.

Armchair with 1 arm right or left  cm. 85x94x83 h.

3 Seat sofa without arms cm. 180x94x83 h.

2 Seat sofa without arms cm. 120x94x83 h.

Armchair without arms cm. 60x94x78 h.

Semicircular element cm. 250×170 h.

Corner 90° cm. 95×95 h.

3 seat sofa cm. 243x100x83 h.

2 seat sofa cm. 183x100x83 h.

Armchair cm. 116x100x83 h.

Pouf cm. 80x57x43 h.

3 seat sofa cm. 246x95x85 h.

2 seat sofa cm. 190x95x85 h.

Armchair cm. 112x95x85 h.


Solid wood with ZANABONI fabrics

Design by:


Made in Italy

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