LANTERN is a set of modern-style lamps with an evocative design. The diffuser recalls the shape of a lantern and is supported by a rod finished in bronze. The LANTERN set is extremely multifaceted and meets every layout and intended use requirement.

The set of modern LANTERN lamps, with their evocative design and their refinement of materials, reflects the soul, spirit, and preciousness of the Zanaboni collections. The products of the “Lantern” set come with a very particular diffuser with the characteristic shape of ancient lanterns placed on a bronze rod capable of embellishing the entire environment.


LANTERN ED/20 501 Applique cm. 24 x 29 x h.60.5

LANTERN – ED/20 503 Table lamp cm. 24 x 24 x h.34

LANTERN ED/20 500, Floor lamp cm. 39 x 39 x h.165

LANTERN ED/20 502 Chandelier cm. 39 x 39 x h.130


Dark bronze, brushed bronze, patinated brass.

Design by:


Made in Italy

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