L037/W & L037/T

Lighting set composed of L037/W applique and L037/T table lamp.

The L037 light set is the result of research and tradition, the true spirit of high-quality furnishings emerges from its style. L037 is finished with precious materials based on ancient craft techniques handed down over the years from father to son.

Elegant set of lights in a contemporary style signed by ZANABONI. The perfect solution to create the right atmosphere for any type of environment. Its style represents a vision: the art of living through furniture and accessories in which design, style, materials, unprecedented processes, and tailoring create new aesthetic codes.



L037/W cm. 20 x 22 x h.88

L037/T 40 x 22 x h. 87


Crystal wall lamp, gold bath finishing

Design by:


Made in Italy

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