On January 10thZanaboni opened its doors to students from the renowned University “Politecnico di Torino”, with whom the company collaborated to the class project of the Master in Interior, Exhibit &Retail Design. Zanaboni was selected to represent a brand specialized in high end, luxury furniture, internationally renowned for the high standard of quality of the materials and of the production process, as well as for the strong background. Zanaboni was pleased to accept the invitation to participate to this project, a great opportunity to share the company’s values and to allow the university students of the Master class, who represent the next generation of designers, to get in touch very closely with the world of luxury furniture. Zanaboni is also taking this opportunity to embrace new challenges, keeping up with the latest trends and constantly in search for innovative processes, materials and shapes to develop new exclusive and cutting edge items.


Zanaboni worked with the University Politecnico on a class project, for which the students completely redesigned a prestigious apartment in a building from the ’60 in downtown Torino. The project included the redesign of the façade of the building too and it is divided in various stages, that range from industrial design to interior design and architecture. In fact, the students also worked on models and design themselves pieces of furniture that will be signed Zanaboni and used to furnish the apartment. The project was developed in cooperation with the developer Building from Turin, who is engaged in the structural restyling of the building, and in charge of demolitions, construction and renovation. 


On Wednesday January 10th 2018 Zanaboni has welcome at its headquarters and production facility in Meda a group of twenty-four University students from the class of the Master in Interior, Exhibit & Retail Design, who visited the company together with Professors from the classes of Interior, Design, Technology and Process methods of production of the object of use involved in the Atelier (Architect Vivanti, Professor Vaudetti, Professor Canepa, Professor Callegari). The participants to the Master must have a degree in design or Architecture, and during the master the student analyzed the fundamentals of Interior Design and the most common topics such as: Color Study, Communication and Visual Perception, Marketing Elements, Evolution of inhabited interiors and new trends
- Models and criteria for the project and design process
- Design
- New materials
- Comfort of spaces


The indoor and outdoor furniture that the students designed and developed together with Zanaboni’s technical and production department was inspired to the new contemporary collections by Zanaboni, and match it in the style and mission: the aim was to obtain  new items designed by the students that, emulating Zanaboni’s contemporary collection, embody a harmonious union between past and present, between tradition and innovation and characterized by an original and exclusive personality, a new aesthetic language simpler but at the same time rich in details and made with top-notch quality materials and ancient techniques, keeping the proper distance from the overused minimalism, maintaining the standard level of quality of the artisanal workmanship that since 1967 distinguishes the production signed Zanaboni.




During the day trip to Zanaboni’s facilities, the students had the opportunity to meet Mr. Massimo Zanaboni (CEO of the company), Mr Vittorio Zanaboni (the founder) and Zanaboni’s staff and to visit the production departments, where they got to know the various production stages by seeing them in person: the upholstery department, where the new items takes shape from the model, the cut of the fabrics, the frame up to the last step of upholstery, when the profiles and trims are applied; the cycle of production of the furniture items, from the handmade carving to the assembly of the various components, obtained with different materials and processes; to the final phase of packaging, stages of the production process from which the students could learn the basics of classical artisanal production as well as the most modern workings of modern materials such as brass and crystal . 


Upon the completion of the project one of these students was given the opportunity to do an internship at Zanaboni’s office, in order to better understand and learn the processes that are behind the production of the furniture once the design phase is completed. The student was also involved in the ongoing projects in which Zanaboni’s contract division was engaged at that time, in order to try, experience and refine the interior design skills acquired during class.


Since over 150 years, the University Politecnico is one of the most prestigious public institutions in Italy and internationally in training, research, technology transfer and services in all sectors of Architecture and Engineering. Together with the University “Politecnico di Milano”, located in Milan, these Universities train the next generations of Italian designers and pay the proper honor to  the international capital of design and fashion.


The Master ranges over many topics, amongst which the quality  of contemporary interiors, analyzed in the relations between the building, the finishes, the materials and the furnishings, and improved by the latest systems used to maintain a high level of comfort and control of the interior lighting; investigation of the new materials for housing construction; it provides an updated knowledge of culture and evolution of the project that take into account the profound changes in progress and current housing typologies, together with elements of eco-design and bio-architecture. The course analyzes the characteristics of the project developments - from the initial phase of the concept,  to the constructive proposal – and of the steps that lead to the construction site and to the final delivery of the building.