September 20th-25th

Between September 20th-25th, the city of Milan hosted one of the most important fashion events in the world, the Milan Fashion Week, where the new collections of the most popular fashion brands were presented on the catwalks and the streets of downtown Milan became runways to many designers, artists and V.I.P. from all over the world that were in town to discover/unveil the upcoming trends.


The new fashion collections take inspiration from the same trends that are influencing the world of design and furniture: in fact furniture design and fashion share at the base  the same research.  The pursuit of beauty is the key element for both fields: manufacturing  items with high quality techniques and materials, that stand out for their functionality and originality and that can be remembered and recognized by future generations. Furniture and fashion are two areas of the creative industry that have made Italy famous in world with their products, resulting by the combination of trade and profession, experimentation and contamination of different know-hows and disciplines that contributed to the diffusion and establishment of the so-called Made in Italy.


Many commonalities can be found by comparing the Zanaboni’s collections and the Milan Fashion Week’s news on the catwalks, such as colors, fabrics prints and the style of the clothing, as a result of the common research for new trends and of the analysis of future market tendencies. One more element that connects furniture design and fashion design is the link with, tradition and craftsmanship, that passed down through the years to the new generations.


The real heart of the Milan Fashion Week is the Quadrilatero della moda (also known as fashion district), a central area in downtown Milan renowned all over the world for its prestigious jewelers, boutiques and design showrooms of the most important international brands. The Quadrilatero della moda goes from Via Montenapoleone, through Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia and Via Manzoni, reaching Via Fatebenefratelli, where the monobrand Zanaboni showroom is located. Here Zanaboni showcases exclusive and elegant furnishings, lightings and accessories, in a space that is decorated with boiserie on the walls and wooden flooring enriched by elegant carpets