Elected as the color of the year 2017 by the Pantone

According to chromo therapy and to holistic disciplines, green is the color of nature, of the vegetable kingdom and it is a symbol of rebirth, spring and hope. It is indissolubly linked to natural elements that make the World more beautiful: nature, foliage, fauna, precious stones and minerals, such as many kind of marble, jade, the elegant emerald and the exclusive malachite.


The green colour, in its delicate shades, can stimulate meditation and serenity, whilst in brighter nuances it also brings energy and positivity.


The Greenery green was elected as the color of the year 2017 by the Pantone company, and the green colour in all its shades has since then been taken by the major fashion and design brands as the start point to develop new collections and designs, as well as by architects and interior design as a stylistic design trend.


As a matter of fact, the green colour has lately widely spread both in the fashion and in the furniture and design industry, and it can be proposed as the main character in a “total green” look, as a pop of colour amongst more neutral colour shades, as well as a quotation of more discreet presence as, for example, in accessories or details.


Green is also often used as just a background or frame for other concepts and patterns that match it well, such as jungle, floral or geometry.


Thanks to its forward-thinking attitude and to its knowledge in foreseeing the upcoming trends in design and fashion, Zanaboni has been using different shades of green in its collections for a few years now.


The Greenery, specifically, was used well ahead of 2017 for the fabrics of the Enea and Monet sofa collections, presented in the catalogue that was published in 2015.

The green, decorated fabric of the P158 armchair was selected to match the fabric used for the Enea sofa. Despite of the different shade of green, it is a must to mention the very popular Smeraldo sofa (whose name stays for “emerald” in Italian) that was at first designed by Zanaboni in a beautiful emerald-green.

Many more items by Zanaboni, from the past years as well as from the new collection, feature the green colour in many different shades and materials: fine fabrics, precious stones, valuable and rare finishes and hand-painted decorations and details. The precious Malachite gemstone, along with its characteristic bright green, is used on several Zanaboni’s items, as for instance for side tables with brass base as the top, or worked and carved to be embedded in the frames of majestic furniture, in order to further enhance its prestige, as for instance in the W029 cabinet.


The W019, completely veneered in natural turtle, is also available in the green variant W019-GR, where the background of the finish is painted in green, that makes the item more suitable for different contexts. The dining set that was launched at the last edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan features two different green fabrics: a fancy decorated one used on two out of eight armchairs P/5090, balanced by a plain green velvet applied to the other six P/5090 armchairs.


The green colour made his appearance at this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile also in the elegant and exclusive bar cabinet P/5080, that features a sleek and precious inlay in Malachite on the doors, as well as a refined internal part completely upholstered in a green velvet to match the detail in Malachite.