Borbonese is one of the historical brands of italian fashion, with a strong heritage. It was founded last century, in 1910, in turin, as a maker of bags, jewellery and accessories and soon found a place amongst the leading names of italian luxury with products expressing both class and elegance.

The identifying element of the borbonese collections is the o.p. print, that stands for occhio di pernice (partridge eye), the symbol and trademark of the brand.

Created in the 1970s, the o.p. texture is still the emblem of the brand together with other identifying elements such as the rivet, the screw and the stirrup which, in combination with the historical iconic bags linked to the brand’s beginnings – the luna, sexy and butterfly models – have made borbonese one of the best known brands on the italian fashion scene.


Materials and techniques

Combined precious materials to refined fabrication techniques and to skilful craftsmanship, attentive to emphasizing details. The centrality of research in the design and production, never as an end in itself, has led to the creation of new ways of presenting the historical O.p. Texture.

The occhio di pernice, which has always been linked by a one-to-one relationship to the brand, is proposed in new and innovative variants, materials and colours.

Leather bags and accessories

The core business of borbonese remains leather bags and accessories, still synonymous with quality and high standards of design; over the years other product ranges have been added, such as footwear and ready to wear.

Borbonese was one of the first companies to sign licence agreements in the 1980s for the home sector and, on the strength of this experience, can now manage a network of partners chosen from the excellences of italian craftsmanship.

The concept of global living is the new lifestyle created by borbonese: the project of design, the symbol of luxury understood as aesthetic value, from furnishing to tableware, from textiles to home accessories, a tangible reality ready to be presented in full.

Borbonese meets Zanaboni

Zanaboni applies this concept to the furniture and upholstery fields, and since 1967 the company has been manufacturing unique and exclusive designs. Over the years Zanaboni has become one of the most prestigious brands in the high end furniture market.

Zanaboni’s collections include living room furniture, beds, small furnishings and accessories, unique and timeless items, result of a continuous research of new lines and materials, that are worked with new techniques but still in accordance with the tradition in order to preserve the nature of excellence typical of the brand itself.